New Directions in Applied Linear Algebra, Numerical Methods for PDEs and Applications

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New Directions in Applied Linear Algebra, Numerical Methods for PDEs and Applications

 09 - 11 Apr 2018
 ICMS, 15 South College Street Edinburgh

Scientific Organiser:

  • John Pearson, University of Edinburgh

The accurate numerical solution of partial differential equations and optimization problems, including the use of linear algebra techniques for solving the resulting matrix systems, presents vast challenges for researchers in applied mathematics and engineering. In this workshop, we considered the fast and efficient discretization and solution of PDEs arising from a variety of scientific applications, including optimization problems where PDEs act as constraints. This workshop consisted of presentations from a leading researchers to encourage an exchange of ideas to further advance the state of the art in the numerical solution of PDEs, applied linear algebra, and computational optimization.



  • Silvia Gazzola, University of Bath - Recent Advances in Iterative Regularization Methods

  • Ben Goddard, University of Edinburgh - Pseudospectral Methods for Integro-PDEs

  • Stefan Güttel, University of Manchester - Compressing Variable-Coefficient Exterior Helmholtz Problems via RKFIT

  • John Pearson, University of Edinburgh

  • Margherita Porcelli, Università degli Studi di Firenze

  • Tyrone Rees, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

  • Carola Schönlieb, University of Cambridge - Bilevel Optimisation with Non-Smooth Lower-Level Problems

  • Jennifer Scott, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and University of Reading - The Challenge of Large-Scale Linear Least-Squares Problems

  • Zdenek Strakos, Charles University in Prague - Decomposition into Subspaces and Operator Preconditioning

  • Walter Zulehner, Johannes Kepler University Linz - On a New Mixed Formulation of Kirchhoff and Reissner-Mindlin Plates

  • Andy Wathen, University of Oxford - Preconditioning for Nonsymmetric Problems


Olusola Ezekiel, AbolarinFederal University Oye-Ekiti
Mildred, AduamoahMIGSAA
Lehel, BanjaiHeriot-Watt
Luca, BergamaschiUniversity of Padua
Silvana, BocanegraFederal Rural University of Pernambuco - Brazil
Francisco Nogueira, Calmon SobralState University Of Maringa, Brazil
Ivet, GalabovaUniversity of Edinburgh
Silvia, GazzolaUniversity of Bath
Ben, GoddardUniversity of Edinburgh
Mohammad, GolbabaeeEPFL
Bryan, Gomez VargasUniversidad de Concepción
Jacek, GondzioUniversity of Edinburgh
Stefan, GuettelUniversity of Manchester
Julian, HallUniversity of Edinburgh
Runan, HeMASC Heriot Watt University
Mark, HoughtonUniversity of Leeds
Tim, HurstMIGSAA
Elias, JarlebringKTH Royal Institute of Technology
Dimitris, KamilisUniversity of Edinburgh
Bekzhan, KerimkulovMIGSAA
Madeleine, KotzagiannidisUniversity of Edinburgh
Ben, LeimkuhlerUniversity of Edinburgh
Robert, LuceGurobi
James, MaddisonUniversity of Edinburgh
Xander, O'NeillMIGSAA
John, PearsonUniversity of Edinburgh
Alessandro, PerelliUniversity of Edinburgh
Margherita, PorcelliUniversità degli Studi di Firenze
Mariya, PtashnykHeriot-Watt University
Alison, RamageUniversity of Strathclyde
Tyrone, ReesRutherford Appleton Laboratory
Thomas, RoyUniversity of Oxford
Malena, SabateUniversity of Bath
Carola, SchönliebUniversity of Cambridge
Jennifer, ScottSTFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the University of Reading
Michael, SheehanUniversity of Edinburgh
Zdenek, StrakosCharles University, Prague
Junqi, TangIDCOM
Luis Andres, Vargas MielesUniversity of Edinburgh
Tiffany, VlaarMIGSAA
Andy, WathenOxford University
Alemseged Gebrehiwot, WeldeyesusUniversity of Edinburgh
Emre Alper, YildirimUniversity of Edinburgh
Walter, ZulehnerUniversity Linz
Kostas, ZygalakisUniversity of Edinburgh