Gravitational Thermodynamics and the Quantum Nature of Space Time

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Gravitational Thermodynamics and the Quantum Nature of Space Time

 16 - 20 Jun 2008
 Alrick Building

Scientific Organisers:

  • Bernard de Wit, Utrecht University

  • José Figueroa-O'Farrill, University of Edinburgh

  • Joan Simón, University of Edinburgh


  • Justin David, Indian Institute of Science - On the Partition Function of Dyons in N=2 String Theories

  • Vishnu Jejjala, IHES - Entropy of Near-Extremal Black Holes in AdS_5

  • Roberto Emparan, ICREA & Universitat de Barcelona - New Phases of Black Holes in Higher Dimensions

  • Jan de Boer, Institute for Theoretical Physics - Quantization of Gravitational Solutions

  • Per Kraus, UCLA - Stringy Black Holes in 5D

  • Marcos Mariño, University of Geneva - Topological Strings, Black Holes and Emergent Spacetime

  • Boris Pioline, LPTHE & LPTENS - Instanton Corrections and Black Hole Partition Functions 

  • Chong-Sun Chu, Durham University - Time-Dependent AdS/CFT Duality and Null Singularity

  • Ben Craps, Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Quantum Propagation Across Cosmological Singularities

  • Sumit Das, University of Kentucky - Gauge Gravity Duality and Cosmological Singularities 

  • Gabriel Cardoso, University of Munich - On Non-Holomorphic Corrections to Black Hole Partition Functions

  • Finn Larsen, University of Michigan and CERN - Black Holes in Four Dimensions: the Non-BPS Branch

  • Mukund Rangamani, Durham University - Non-Linear Hydrodynamics from Gravity

  • Asad Naqvi, Swansea University - Random Field Theory

  • Henriette Elvang, MIT - Generating Functions for Scattering Amplitudes in N=4 SYM and N=8 Supergravity

  • Horatiu Nastase, Global Edge Institute - A Black Hole Solution of Scalar Field Theory and the RHIC Fireball 

  • Djordje Minic, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - On the Origin of the Universe and the Dark Energy

  • Jerome Gauntlett, Imperial College London - AdS Solutions and Transgression

  • Thomas Levi, New York University - When Worlds Collide

  • Harvey Reall, University of Cambridge - Extremal Bl

  • Samir Mathur, Ohio State University - How Information Comes out of a Black Hole

  • Donald Marolf, University of California - Gauss' Law, Observables, and Black Hole Information

  • Marika Taylor, Institute for Theoretical Physics - Precision Holography 

  • Ted Jacobson, University of Maryland - Thermodynamics of Spacetime

  • Kostas Skenderis, Institute for Theoretical Physics - Real-Time Gauge/Gravity Duality

  • Veronika Hubeny, Durham University - Universality for Merging Ergosurfaces


Supporting Institutions EPSRC, LMS, Edinburgh Mathematical Society and IOP


Gabriel, CardosoUniversity of Munich
Chong-Sun, ChuDurham University
Ben, CrapsVrije Universiteit Brussel
Sumit, DasUniversity of Kentucky
Justin, DavidIndian Institute of Science, Bangalore & Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad
Jan, de BoerInstitute for Theoretical Physics, Amsterdam
Paul, de MedeirosUniversity of Edinburgh
Bernard, de WitUtrecht University
Henriette, ElvangMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Roberto, EmparanICREA & Universitat de Barcelona
José, Figueroa-O'FarrillUniversity of Edinburgh
Bartomeu, FiolUniversity of Barcelona
Dan, FreedmanMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Jerome, GauntlettImperial College London
Kevin, GoldsteinUniversiteit Utrecht
Emily, Hackett-JonesUniversity of Edinburgh
Veronika, HubenyDurham University
Chris, HullImperial College London
Ted, JacobsonUniversity of Maryland
Vishnu, JejjalaUniversity of the Witswatersrand
Stefanos, KatmadasUniversiteit Utrecht
Per, KrausUniversity of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Finn, LarsenUniversity of Michigan and CERN
Thomas, LeviNew York University
Marcos, MariñoUniversity of Geneva
Donald, MarolfUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Samir, MathurOhio State University
Robert, McNeesPerimeter Institute, Canada
Elena, Mendez-EscobarUniversity of Edinburgh
Djordje, MinicVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Thomas, MohauptUniversity of Liverpool
Asad, NaqviSwansea University
Horatiu, NastaseGlobal Edge Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Boris, PiolineLPTHE & LPTENS, Paris
Mukund, RangamaniDurham University
Harvey, ReallUniversity of Cambridge
Patricia, RitterUniversity of Edinburgh
Simon, RossDurham University
Masaki, ShigemoriInstitute for Theoretical Physics, Amsterdam
Joan, SimónUniversity of Edinburgh
Kostas, SkenderisInstitute for Theoretical Physics, Amsterdam
Leonard, SusskindStanford University
Marika, TaylorInstitute for Theoretical Physics, Amsterdam