Function Theory in Several Complex Variables in Relation to Modelling Uncertainty

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Function Theory in Several Complex Variables in Relation to Modelling Uncertainty

 21 - 25 Jul 2014
 ICMS, 15 South College Street Edinburgh

Scientific Organisers:

  • Jim Agler, University of California

  • Zinaida Lykova, Newcastle University

  • Nicholas Young, Leeds and Newcastle Universities

The workshop brought together pure mathematicians and control engineers with an interest in complex variable methods. The unifying  theme was the use of several complex variables as a tool for representing and analysing the uncertainty of models used in engineering design, particularly in the design of robust automatic controllers. 


  • Joseph Ball, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Structured Singular Values Versus Diagonal Scaling

  • Alexander Scheinker, Los Alamos National Laboratory - Multiple Time Scale, Discontinuous and Non-Differentiable Extremum Seeking

  • Eric Rogers, University of Southampton - Robustness of Multidimensional Systems for Engineering and Healthcare Applications  

  • Wlodzimierz Zwonek, Jagiellonian University - Geometric Function Theory in the Symmetrised Polydisc and Tetrablock 

  • Pascal Thomas, Université Toulouse III - Lifting Maps to the Spectral Ball  

  • Carsten Scherer, University of Stuttgart - Controller Synthesis with Dynamic Scalings

  • Jaydeb Sarkar, Indian Statistical Institute - Variations on a Theme of Beurling

  • Maria Trybula, Jagiellonian University) - Gromov (Non)Hyperbolicty of Domains in Cn

  • Kelly Bickel, Bucknell University - Schur Functions, Transfer Function Realisations and Boundary Behavior on the Bidisk

  • Paolo Rapisarda, University of Southampton - Quadratic Differential Forms and Lyapunov Stability of 2D Systems 

  • Ryan Tully-Doyle. University of California - Models and Boundary Behavior of Schur Functions on the Bidisc  

  • Jim Agler, University of California - An Operator-Theoretic Perspective on Function Theory

  • Laszlo Lempert, Purdue University - Noncommutative Potential Theory  

  • Peter Pflug, Oldenburg University - Invariant Pseudodistances and Pseudometrics 

  • David Scheinker, MIT - Optimisation of Unknown Systems - Extremum Seeking and Operator Yheory

  • Greg Knese, Washington University - Algebraic and Analytic Structure of Rational Inner Function

  • Line Baribeau, Laval University - A Schwarz Lemma for Algebroid Functions  

  • Keith Glover, University of Cambridge - Bounded Complexity Controllers - Vinnicombe Revisited 

  • Geir Dullerud, University of Illinois - Linear Switched Systems: Verification and Synthesis   

  • J. William Helton, University of California - Free Analysis: Inequalities and Maps 

  • Krysztof Galkowski, Technical University of Zielona Góra - Parameter Dependent Lyapunov Functions for Robust Stability and Stabilisation of Wave Repetitive Processes   

  • Shibananda Biswas, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research - On Curvature Inequality for Contractions in the Cowen-Douglas Class   

  • Subrata Shyam Roy, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research - Functional Models of Gamma_n-contractions   

  • Tirthankar Bhattacharyya, Indian Institute of Science - Two Important Roles of the Fundamental Operator  

  • Amol Sasane, London School of Economics and Political Science - A New V-Metric in Control Theory   

  • Thomas Ransford, Laval University - Projective Hulls and Characterisation of Meromorphic Functions  

  • James Pascoe, University of California - A Wedge of the Edge

  • John McCarthy, Washington University - Non Commutative Function Theory 


This workshop was generously supported by EPSRC, the School of Mathematics and Statistics at Newcastle University and the London Mathematical Society.


Jim, AglerUniversity of California at San Diego
Joseph, BallVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Line, BaribeauLaval University
Tirthankar, BhattacharyyaIndian Institute of Science
Kelly, BickelBucknell University
Shibananda, BiswasIndian Institute of Science Education and Research
David, BrownNewcastle University
Marie, CseteHuntington Medical Research Institutes
David, CushingNewcastle University
J C, DoyleCalifornia Institute of Technology
Michael, DritschelNewcastle University
Geir, DullerudUniversity of Illinois
Krysztof, GalkowskiTechnical University of Zielona Góra
Keith, GloverUniversity of Cambridge
J. William, HeltonUniversity of California at San Diego
Greg, KneseWashington University in St. Louis
Lukasz, KosinskiLaval University / Jagiellonian University
Laszlo, LempertPurdue University
Zinaida, LykovaNewcastle University
John, McCarthyWashington University in Saint Louis
Sourav, PalBen-Gurion University of the Negev
James, PascoeUniversity of California at San Diego
Peter, PflugOldenburg University
Thomas, RansfordLaval University
Paolo, RapisardaUniversity of Southampton
Eric, RogersUniversity of Southampton
Jaydeb, SarkarIndian Statistical Institute
Amol, SasaneLondon School of Economics and Political Science
Haripada, SauIndian Institute of Science
David, ScheinkerMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Alexander, ScheinkerLos Alamos National Laboratory
Carsten, SchererUniversity of Stuttgart
Subrata, Shyam RoyIndian Institute of Science Education and Research
Malcolm, SmithUniversity of Cambridge
Pascal, ThomasUniversité Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier
Maria, TrybulaJagiellonian University
Ryan, Tully-DoyleUniversity of California at San Diego
Michael, WhiteNewcastle University
Nicholas, YoungLeeds and Newcastle Universities
Wlodzimierz, ZwonekJagiellonian University