Effective Real Analytic Geometry

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Effective Real Analytic Geometry

 05 - 09 May 2008

Scientific Organisers:

  • Nicolai Vorojov, University of Bath

  • Alex Wilkie, University of Manchester

  • Alexandre Eremenko, Purdue University

The workshop brought together leading international experts, as well as younger researchers, in real analytic geometry, o-minimality, algebraic computational complexity and related areas of topology and model theory. The workshop was dedicated to Professor Andrei Gabrielov for his 60th birthday.


  • Leonard Lipshitz, Purdue University - Real Closed Fields with Analytic Structure

  • Andre Gabrielov, Purdue University - Dessins d'Enfants for the Eigenfunctions of the Quartic Oscillator

  • Thierry Zell, Vassar College - Around the Descent Spectral Sequence

  • Jean-Philippe Rolin, Université de Bourgogne - An O-Minimal Structure which Does not Admit C-Infinite Cellular Decomposition

  • Dmitry Novikov, Weizmann Institute of Science - Pseudoabelian Integrals: Toward an Analogue of Varchenko-Khovanskii Theorem

  • Vincent Grandjean, University of Bath & Universität Oldenburg - Geodesics at Singular Points of Non-Conical Isolated Surface Singularities

  • Frank Sottile, Texas A&M University - Fewnomial Bounds from Gale Dual Systems

  • Frederic Bihan, Université de Savoie - Bounds on the Topology of Fewnomial Hypersurfaces

  • Bernd Martin, Brandenburgische Technische Universität - Modular Strata of Unimodal Singularities are Corresponding to Milnor Algebras

  • Victor Palamodov, Tel Aviv University & Potsdam University - Moduli of Hypersurface Germs

  • Askold Khovanskii, University of Toronto - Degree or Rational Mappings and Simple Proofs of the Sturm and Tarski Theorems

  • Krysztof Kurdyka, Université Savoie - Trajectories of Horizontal Gradients of Polynomials

  • Adam Parusinski, University of Angers - Equivalence Relations of Two Variable Real Analytic Function Germs

  • Gareth Jones, McMaster University - Model Completeness Results for Polynomially Bounded O-Minimal Structures

  • Patrick Speissegger, McMaster University - Transition Maps of Non-Resonant Hyperbolic Singularities are O-Minimal

  • Edward Bierstone, University of Toronto - Problems on Resolution of Singularities

  • Angus Macintyre, University of London - Elementary Theory of Elliptic Functions

  • David Trotman, University of Provence - Valette's Generic Definable Bilipschitz Equisingularity

  • Viacheslav Kharlamov, Université Louis Pasteur - Real Cubic Four-Folds; Deformations and Chirality

  • Ilia Itenberg, Université Louis Pasteur - Recursive Formulas for Welschinger Invariants

  • Saugata Basu, Georgia Institute of Technology - Combinatorial Complexity in O-Minimal Geometry


Saugata, BasuGeorgia Institute of Technology
David, BewUniversity of Oxford
Edward, BierstoneUniversity of Toronto
Frederic, BihanUniversité de Savoie
Gareth, BoxallUniversity of Leeds
Michel, CosteUniversité Rennes 1
Alexandre, EremenkoUniversity of Purdue
Tom, FosterUniversity of Oxford
Andrei, GabrielovPurdue University
Vincent, GrandjeanUniversity of Bath & Universität Oldenburg
Philipp, HieronymiUniversity of Oxford
Ilia, ItenbergUniversité Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6)
Gareth, JonesMcMaster University
Viacheslav, KharlamovUniversité Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg
Askold, KhovanskiiUniversity of Toronto
Jonathan, KirbyUniversity of East Anglia
Krzysztof, KurdykaUniversité de Savoie
Leonard, LipshitzPurdue University
Angus, MacintyreQueen Mary University of London
Bernd, MartinBrandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus
Dmitry, NovikovWeizmann Institute of Science
Victor, PalamodovTel Aviv University & Potsdam University
Adam, ParusinskiUniversité Nice Sophia Antipolis
Jean-Philippe, RolinUniversité de Bourgogne
Marie-Francoise, RoyUniversite de Rennes 1
Frank, SottileTexas A&M University
Patrick, SpeisseggerMcMaster University
Margaret, ThomasUniversity of Oxford
David, TrotmanAix-Marseille University
Lou, van den DriesUniversity of Illinois
Nicolai, VorobjovUniversity of Bath
Alex, WilkieUniversity of Manchester
Thierry, ZellVassar College