Higher Dimensional Algebraic Geometry: Classification, Minimal Models, Fano Varieties and Stacks

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Higher Dimensional Algebraic Geometry: Classification, Minimal Models, Fano Varieties and Stacks

 22 - 26 Sep 2008

Scientific Observers:

  • Ivan Cheltsov, University of Edinburgh

  • Alessio Corti, Imperial College London

  • Miles Reid, University of Warwick

The two main objectives of this workshop were to put into focus rapid recent developments in the higher dimensional minimal model program and to consolidate advances in the geometry of Fano and Calabi-Yau 3-folds that have arisen over the last decade. In addition, the meeting helped plan how to exploit new results, methods and problems arising from these developments. These topics featured in several international programs and conferences, including the 2007-08 Warwick EPSRC algebraic geometry symposium and the MSRI half-year program on Algebraic geometry Jan-May 2009.


  • Jim Bryan, University of British Columbia - The Crepant Resolution Conjecture for Donaldson-Thomas Theory and the Orbifold Topological Vertex

  • Frances Kirwan, University of Oxford - Quotients by Non-Reductive Group Actions

  • Aleksandr Pukhlikov, University of Liverpool - Birationally Rigid Fano Varieties

  • Caucher Birkar, University of Cambridge - Boundedness vs Thresholds and Flips

  • Nikos Tziolas, University of Cyprus - Smoothings of Schemes with Non-Isolated Singularities

  • Hiroshi Iritani, Imperial College London - Fourier-Mukai Transformations and Toric Quantum Cohomology

  • Tom Coates, Imperial College London/Royal Society - Higher Genus Gromov-Witten Invariants and Crepant Resolutions

  • Paolo Cascini, Imperial College London - On the Minimal Model Program

  • Lawrence Ein, University of Illinois - Regularities of Projective Varieties

  • Misha Verbitsky, Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics - Nef Classes on Hyperkaehler Manifolds

  • Valery Alexeev, University of Georgia - Weighted Hyperplane Arrangements

  • Gavin Brown, University of Kent - Tom and Jerry and Sarkisov Links on Fano 3-Folds

  • Alexey Bondal, Aberdeen University - Mirror Symmetry for Toric Orbifolds

  • Vasily Iskovskikh, Steklov Mathematical Insitute - On Elements of Prime Order in the Cremona Group of the Plane over a Perfect Field

  • Frederic Campana, Institut Élie Cartan Nancy - Special Orbifolds and Classification

  • Dmitry Orlov, Steklov Mathematical Insitute - Generators and Dimensions of Triangulated Categories

  • Yuri Prokhorov, Moscow State University - On Q-Fano Threefolds

  • Jun-Muk Hwang, Korea Institute for Advanced Study - Base Manifolds for Fibrations of Projective Irreducible Symplectic Manifolds

  • Mircea Mustata, University of Michigan - An Inductive Approach to Singularities of Pairs

  • Dimitry Kaledin, Steklov Mathematical Insitute - Motivic Structures in Non-Commutative Geometry

  • Ludmil Katzarkov, University of Miami - Generalized HMS and Rationality Questions

  • Alessio Corti, Imperial College London - Towards Finite Generation Without the MMP


Valery, AlexeevUniversity of Georgia
Marco, AndreattaUniversity of Trento
Caucher, BirkarUniversity of Cambridge
Alexei, BondalSteklov Mathematical Institute/Higher School of Economics
Gavin, BrownUniversity of Kent
Jim, BryanUniversity of British Columbia
Frédéric, CampanaUniversité de Lorraine
Paolo, CasciniImperial College London
Ivan, CheltsovUniversity of Edinburgh
Circo, CilibertoUniversity of Rome Tor Vergata
Tom, CoatesImperial College London
Alessio, CortiImperial College London
Alastair, CrawUniversity of Bath
Tommaso, de FernexUniversity of Utah
Lawrence, EinUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
Sergey, GalkinSteklov Institute of Mathematics
Elizabeth, GasparimUniversity of Edinburgh
Jun-Muk, HwangKorea Institute for Advanced Study
Hiroshi, IritaniImperial College London
Vasily, IskovskikhSteklov Mathematical Insitute
Dmitry, KaledinIndependent University of Moscow
Anne-Sophie, KaloghirosBrunel University London
Ludmil, KatzarkovUniversity of Miami
Frances, KirwanUniversity of Oxford
Alexei, KovalevUniversity of Cambridge
Stéphane, LamyUniversity of Warwick
Vladimir, LazićUniversität Bonn
Timothy, LogvinenkoUniversity of Liverpool
Angelo, LopezUniversity of Roma Tre
Dibiagio, LorenzoUniversity of Rome, La Sapienza
Mircea, MustataUniversity of Michigan
Dmitry, OrlovSteklov Mathematical Insitute
Dmitri, PanovKing's College London
Jihun, ParkPohang University of Science and Technology
Yuri, ProkhorovMoscow State University
Aleksandr, PukhlikovUniversity of Liverpool
Miles, ReidUniversity of Warwick
Daniel, RyderUniversity of Bristol
Gregory, SankaranUniversity of Bath
Nikolaos (Nikos), TziolasUniversity of Cyprus
Misha, VerbitskyInstitute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics
Pelham, WilsonUniversity of Cambridge
Jaroslaw, WisniewskiUniversity of Warsaw