Algebraic Lie Theory and Representation Theory

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Algebraic Lie Theory and Representation Theory

 01 - 05 Sep 2014
 ICMS, 15 South College Street Edinburgh

Scientific Organisers:

  • Simon Goodwin, University of Birmingham

  • Jonathan Kujawa, University of Oklahoma

  • Arun Ram, University of Melbourne

  • Alistair Savage, University of Ottawa

  • Michela Varagnolo, Université de Cergy-Pontoise

Recent years have seen exciting and ground-breaking developments in Lie theory. This workshop focused on the categorification of Lie theoretic algebras and their representations and other geometric constructions. Lastly, it focused on the quiver Hecke algebras by Khovanov-Lauda and Rouquierfinite W- (super) algebras and rational Cherednik algebras.


  • Vera Serganov  UC Berkeley - A Symmetric Tensor Category Related to Representation Theory of General Linear Superalgebras

  • Martina Lanini, University of Erlangen - Periodic Patterns in the Representation Theory of Affine Kac-Mood Algebras

  • Milen Yakimov, Louisiana State University - Double Bruhat Cells, Clusters and Green Sequences 

  • Chris Bowman, City University - The Representation Theory of Partition Algebras

  • Tomoyuki Arakawa, Kyoto University - Minimal Models of W-Algebras 

  • Simon Wadsley, University of Cambridge - D-Modules on Rigid Analytic Spaces, I 

  • Daniele Rosso, University of Ottawa - Twisted Heisenberg Doubles

  • Catharina Stroppel, University of Bonn - Tensor Product Categorifications 

  • Alexander Ellis, University of Oregon - Odd Categorification of Quantum sl(2)

  • Volodymir Mazorchuk, Uppsala University - Finitary 2-Representations of Finitary 2-Categories 

  • Peter Mcnamara, University of Sydney - KLR Algebras and PBW Bases 

  • David Hill, University of Virginia - Braid Group Actions on Quantum Kac-Moody Superalgebras 

  • Matthew Fayers, Queen Mary University - Blocks and Decomposition Numbers for Cyclotomic Hecke Algebras 

  • Sachin Gautam, Columbia University - Yangians, Quantum Loop Algebras and Elliptic Quantum Groups

  • Martina Balagovic, Newcastle University - Quantum Symmetric Pairs, the Bar Involution and Solutions of the Reflection Equation

  • Lilit Martirosyan, University of California - The Representation Theory of the Exceptional Lie Superalgebras F(4) and G(3)

  • Weiqiang Wang, University of Virginia - Canonical Bases Arising From Quantum Symmetric Pairs and Applications

  • Dimitar Grantcharov, University of Texas - Singular Gelfand-Tsetlin Modules of gl(n)

  • Peng Shan, CNRS - On the Center of Quiver Hecke Algebras

  • Gwyn Bellamy, University of Glasgow - Motivic Invariants of Calogero-Moser Spaces 

  • Zajj Daugherty, Dartmouth College - Central Elements as Parameters for Centraliser Algebras

  • Michael Ehrig, University of Cologne - Categorified Skew Howe duality and Coideal Subalgebras

  • Wolfgang Soergel, Universitäet Freiburg - Motivic Realisation of Graded Representation Categories 


Konstantin, ArdakovUniversity of Oxford
Martina, BalagovicNewcastle University
Gwyn, BellamyUniversity of Glasgow
Chris, BowmanCity University London
Shun-Jen, ChengAcademia Sinica, Taiwan
Maria, ChlouverakiUniversity of Versailles
Anton, CoxCity University London
Zajj, DaughertyDartmouth College
Michael, EhrigUniversity of Cologne
Alexander, EllisUniversity of Oregon
Anton, EvseevUniversity of Birmingham
Matthew, FayersQueen Mary University of London
Sachin, GautamColumbia University
Simon, GoodwinUniversity of Birmingham
Iain, GordonUniversity of Edinburgh
Dimitar, GrantcharovUniversity of Texas, Arlington
Anna Louise, GrensingUniversity of Bielefeld/University of Wuppertal
John, GriffisUniversity of Texas, Arlington
Pamela, HarrisUnited States Military Academy
David, HillUniversity of Virginia
David, JordanUniversity of Edinburgh
Stefan, KolbNewcastle University
Yakov, KremnitzerUniversity of Oxford
Jonathan, KujawaUniversity of Oklahoma
Maitreyee, KulkarniLouisiana State University
Henry, KvingeUniversity of California, Davis
Polyxeni, LamprouWeizmann Institute/University of Haifa
Martina, LaniniUniversity of Edinburgh
Tom, LenaganUniversity of Edinburgh
Sinead, LyleUniversity of East Anglia
Lilit, MartirosyanUniversity of California San Diego
Volodymir, MazorchukUppsala University
Peter, McNamaraUniversity of Sydney
Joanna, MeinelUniversity of Bonn
Vanessa, MiemietzUniversity of East Anglia
Anne, MoreauUniversity of Poitiers
Alessandro, PaoliniUniversity of Birmingham
Guillaume, PouchinUniversity of Edinburgh
Arun, RamUniversity of Melbourne
Daniele, RossoUniversity of Ottawa / Centre de Recherches Mathématiques
Dmitriy, RumyninUniversity of Warwick
Alistair, SavageUniversity of Ottawa
Vera, SerganovaUC Berkeley
Alexey, SevastyanovUniversity of Aberdeen
Peng, ShanCNRS-University of Caen
Wolfgang, SoergelUniversität Freiburg
Liron, SpeyerQueen Mary University of London
Catharina, StroppelUniversity of Bonn
Louise, SuttonQueen Mary University of London
Benjiman, TharpUniversity of Oklahoma
Sam, ThelinUniversity of Oxford
Daniel, ThompsonMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Peter, TingleyLoyola University Chicago
Lewis, TopleyUniversity of East Anglia
Michela, VaragnoloUniversité de Cergy-Pontoise
Eric, VasserotUniversité Paris 7
Simon, WadsleyUniversity of Cambridge
Weiqiang, WangUniversity of Virginia
Noah, WhiteUniversity of Edinburgh
Milen, YakimovLouisiana State University/University of California,Santa barbara UC
Oksana, YakimovaUniversity of Jena