Scottish Topology Seminar

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Scottish Topology Seminar

 Sep 30 2016
 ICMS, 15 South College Street Edinburgh

This special meeting of the Scottish Topology Seminar was held in honour of Professor Andrew Ranicki and his many distinguished contributions to Scottish Topology. Andrew Ranicki has been at the University of Edinburgh since 1982, where he has been a central figure in Scottish topology and the international research community, working on high dimensional manifolds ever since. In August 2016 he retired from his Personal Chair of Algebraic Surgery at the University. 

Group photographs of the participants are now available here. A selection of photographs from the meeting and the dinner are now available here. Many thanks to Stefan Freidl for taking them.

The epsiode from 44 Scotland Street read by Alexander McColl Smith at the dinner is available here.


Spiros, Adams-FlorouUniversity of Glasgow
Sir Michael, AtiyahUniversity of Edinburgh
Andrew, BakerUniversity of Glasgow
Yumi, BooteUniversity of Manchester
Matt, BoothUniversity Of Edinburgh
Rachael, BoydUniversity of Aberdeen
Tara, BrendleUniversity of Glasgow
Chris, Brown
Ivan, CheltsovUniversity of Edinburgh
Mel, ChenUniversity of Glasgow
Laura, CiobanuHeriot-Watt University
Juliet, CookeUniversity of Edinburgh
Kate, Crowley
Diarmuid, CrowleyUniversity of Aberdeen
Mike, Eggarex University of Edinburgh
José, Figueroa-O'FarrillUniversity of Edinburgh
Michael, FourmanUniversity of Edinburgh
Stefan, FriedlUniversity of Regensburg
Heiko, GimperleinHeriot-Watt University
William, GollingerWWU Münster
Mark, GrantUniversity of Aberdeen
Taida, Hambleton
Ian, HambletonFields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
Susan, Hezlet
Thomas, HuettemannQueen's University Belfast
Andrew, Korzeniewski
Ulrich, KraehmerTechnische Universität Dresden
Martina, LaniniUniversity of Edinburgh
Alan, LoganUniversity of Glasgow
Antony, MaciociaUniversity of Edinburgh
Johan, MartensUniversity of Edinburgh
Alan, McLeayUniversity of Glasgow
Ciaran, MeachanUniversity of Glasgow
Csaba, NagyUniversity of Aberdeen
Patrick, OrsonDurham University
Brendan, OwensUniversity of Glasgow
Paddy, Patterson
Erik Kjær, PedersenUniversity of Copenhagen
Mark, PowellUQAM
Frank, QuinnVirginia Tech
David, QuinnUniversity of Edinburgh
Andrew, RanickiUniversity of Edinburgh
David, Recio MitterUniversity of Aberdeen
Iain, Rendall
Bernd, SchroersHeriot-Watt University
Dirk, SchuetzDurham University
Graeme, SegalUniversity of Oxford
Michael, SnapeUniversity of Glasgow
Richard, SteinerUniversity of Glasgow
Saso, StrleUniversity of Ljubljana
Emily, Thompson
Daniel, WaiteUniversity of Glasgow
Charles T.C., WallUniversity of Liverpool
Stephen, WatsonUniversity of Glasgow
Michael, WemyssUniversity of Glasgow
Mike, WhittakerUniversity of Glasgow
Gareth, WilliamsThe Open University
Francesca, Ziolkowska