Study Group on Mathematics in Energy Systems

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Study Group on Mathematics in Energy Systems

 05 - 07 Dec 2018
 ICMS, Bayes Centre, 47 Potterrow Edinburgh

Scientific Organiser:

  • Dawn Wasley, ICMS

Some of Britain’s best mathematical scientists tackled some of the hardest problems in the energy systems industry. We attracted problems across the energy systems piece - from storage, network supply, integration etc. This was the second Study Group on Energy Systems. The first was held in early 2018 at the University of Sussex and addressed problems in electric vehicle battery degradation, determining real time power systems inertia in the grid and issuing efficient instructions for national grid management.


The Challenges: 

  • Challenge One: A Curious Fluid Resonance in a Sloped Channel on a Wave Energy Converter by Mocean Energy and presented by Cameron McNatt

  • Challenge Two: A Marine Propulsion Control System Holy Grail or Maths? by DuoDrive Ltd and presented by John Carter

  • Challenge Three: Increasing Maritime Efficiency Through The Application Of Analytically Enhance Predictive Planned Maintenance by V.Ships and presented by Adrian Box and  Jacqui Gilbert

  • Challenge Four: Mathematical Language and Sequential Bundling of Demand-Response Contracts Under Uncertainty by Upside Energy Ltd and presented by Sergio Elizonda-Gonzles, Graham Oakes, Steve Wattam

  • Challenge Five: Planning Edinburgh City Infrastructure for Uptake of Electric Vehicles by Edinburgh City Council