International Workshop on Numerical Methods and Emerging Computational Challenges in Mathematical Biology

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International Workshop on Numerical Methods and Emerging Computational Challenges in Mathematical Biology

 12 - 15 May 2014
 University of Dundee

Scientific Organisers:

  • Dumitru Trucu, University of Dundee

  • Raluca Eftimie, University of Dundee

  • Ping Lin, University of Dundee

The past few decades have witnessed exciting developments in all areas of mathematical biology leading to very challenging computational questions related to the multiscale nature of the biological problems. To address these challenges, one requires innovative numerical methods at the cross-interface between atomistic-to-continuous, heterogeneous multiscale methods, and domain decomposition techniques that would facilitate efficient computational implementations.

This workshop brought together leading experts and young researchers in both numerical analysis and mathematical biology areas. The goal was to identify suitable numerical approaches that would be able to address the computational challenges arising in biological modeling.


  • Doron Levy, University of Maryland - The Dynamics of Drug Resistance in Cancer

  • Martin Gander, University of Geneva - B-Methods: Numerical Integrators for Time Dependent Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations

  • Markus Schmuck, Heriot-Watt University - Upscaling of Ionic Transport Equations in Strongly Heterogeneous Media and Finite Element Approximations

  • Melina Freitag, University of Bath - Data Assimilation as an Inverse Problem: Mathematical Theory, Computational Challenges and Potential Applications in Mathematical Biology

  • Haralampos Hatzikirou, Technical University of Dresden - Biophysically Consistent Multi-Scale Modelling of Tumor Growth

  • Pia Domschke, Technical University of Darmstadt - Mathematical Modelling of Cancer Invasion: Implications of Cell Adhesion Variability for Tumour Infiltrative Growth Patterns

  • Christina Surulescu, University of Kaiserslautern - Multiscale Models for Tumor Invasion

  • Andreas Deutsch, Technical University of Dresden - Cellular Automaton Models for Collective Cell Behaviour

  • Assyr Abdulle, EPFL - Some Numerical Techniques for Differential Equations with Multiple Scales in Space or Time

  • Sebastien Loisel, Heriot-Watt University

  • Alexander Fletcher, University of Oxford - Chaste: an Open Source C++ Library for Multicellular Modelling

  • Anna Marciniak-Czochra, University of Heidelberg - Singularities and Discontinuities in Models of Heterogenous Populations

  • Pierre Degond, Imperial College London - Bifurcation in Models of Collective Dynamics

  • Irene Kyza, University of Dundee - Error Control and Adaptivity for Semilinear Parabolic Equations with Blowup

  • Steven McDougall, Heriot-Watt University - Tumours, Wounds, and Retinae - The Application of PoreScale Modelling Techniques to Angiogenesis in Development and Disease

  • Zuzanna Szymańska, University of Warsaw - Large-Scale, Parallel Computer Modelling of the Dynamics of Cell Colonies

  • Thomas Carraro, University of Heidelberg - An Adaptive Time Domain Decomposition Method for Direct and Inverse Problems

  • Rastko Sknepnek, University of Dundee - Active Matter in Curved Geometries

  • Ruth Baker, University of Oxford - Multi-Level Methods for Discrete State Modelling of Chemical Systems

  • Mark Chaplain, University of Dundee - Emerging Computational Challenges in the Multiscale Modelling of Cancer

  • Georgios Lolas, Technical University of Dresden - The Role of VEGF-C and CCR7/CCL21 in Tumor Lymphangiogenesis

  • Maciej Swat, Indiana University - Improving Biomedical Modeling Using Modern Software iIfrastructures

  • Tongjun Sun, Shandong University and University of Dundee -  Numerical Simulation for a Stokes Optimal Control Problem on Chick Embryo Gastrulation

  • John Lowengrub, University of California - Feedback, Lineages and Self-Organized Morphogenesis 

  • Luigi Preziosi, Politecnico di Torino - Modelling Cell-ECM Interaction


This workshop was sponsored by the Centre for Numerical Algorithms and Intelligent Software (NAIS) and the Centre for Analysis and Nonlinear PDEs (CANPDE). The organisers would also like to thank Dundee & Angus Convention Bureau and Dundee City Council for their support.


Assyr, AbdulleÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Badr, AlkahtaniKing Saud University -- Riyadh
Ruth, BakerUniversity of Oxford
Arianna, BianchiHeriot-Watt University
Seguin, BrianUniversity of Dundee
Thomas, CarraroInstitute for Applied Mathematics, Heidelberg University
Mark, ChaplainUniversity of St Andrews
Jialing, ChenUniversity of Dundee
Fordyce, DavidsonUniversity of Dundee
Stephen, DecentUniversity of Dundee
Pierre, DegondImperial College London
Nicoline, den BreemsUniversity of Dundee
Andreas, DeutschTechnische Universität Dresden
Pia, DomschkeTU Darmstadt and University of Dundee
Raluca, EftimieUniversity of Dundee
Radhia, EljaziHeriot Watt University
Roger, FletcherUniversity of Dundee
Alexander, FletcherUniversity of Oxford
Melina, FreitagUniversity of Bath
Martin, GanderUniversity of Geneva
Alf, GerischTechnische Universität Darmstadt
Zhenlin, GuoUniversity of Dundee
Haneen, HamamDundee University
Haralambos, HatzikirouTU Dresden
Dimitris, KalogirosUniversity of Dundee / James Hutton Institute
Irene, KyzaUniversity of Dundee
Doron, LevyUniversity of Maryland
Laoshen, LiUniversity of Dundee
OLUWASEUN, LIJOKAHeriot Watt University Edinburgh
Ping, LinUniversity of Dundee
Sebastien, LoiselHeriot-Watt University
Georgios, LolasTechnical University of Dresden
Gabriel, LordHeriot-Watt University
John, LowengrubUniveristy of California, Irvine
Anna, Marciniak-CzochraUniversity of Heidelberg
Steven, McDougallHeriot-Watt University
Elaine, MitchellUniversity of Dundee
Philip, MurrayUniversity of Dundee
Lu, PengUniversity of Dundee
Miguel, PinedaUniversity of Dundee
Andrei, PisliakovUniversity of Dundee
Luigi, PreziosiPolitecnico di Torino
Peter, RashkovSynmikro, Philipps-Universitaet Marburg
Markus, SchmuckHeriot-Watt University
Jonathan, SherrattHeriot-Watt University
Rastko, SknepnekUniversity of Dundee
Tongjun, SunSchool of Mathematics, Shandong University, China
Christina, SurulescuTechnische Universität Kaiserslautern
Maciej, SwatIndiana University
Zuzanna, SzymańskaWarsaw University
Iona, Toughuniversity of dundee
Dumitru, TrucuUniversity of Dundee
Michael, TsardakasHeriot-Watt University
Heather, WallaceUniversity of Dundee
Liang, WangUniversity of Dundee
Fengwei, YangUniversity of Leeds