Mathematics for the Climate Crisis: Extremes and Tipping Points

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Mathematics for the Climate Crisis: Extremes and Tipping Points

 01 - 05 Nov 2021
 ICMS, Bayes Centre, 47 Potterrow Edinburgh


  • Peter Ashwin, University of Exeter
  • Ulrike Feudel, University of Oldenburg
  • Anna von der Heydt University of Utrecht
  • Valerio Lucarini, University of Reading
Between November 1-12 2021, Glasgow will host the UNFCCC COP26, which will take place under the presidency of the UK. This will indeed be the most important event dealing with multilateral negotiation on climate policy for 2021, and it is expected (and hoped) that important measures will be taken to deal with the ongoing climate crisis and make sure that we stay within the so-called safe operating space for our planet.
This workshop will explore the mathematical bases of the climate crisis, underlying the properties of tipping points, extreme events, and making an assessment of what is known and not known about the current and future risks associated with erratic changes in the climate. The timing of the event is a rare opportunity of being able to match scientific novelty and timeliness of a topic that is rapidly gaining interest and ground, with the spotlight coming from the presence of a global event taking place in Scotland. There wll be a wide range of seminars and lecutres from leading academics from the UK, Europe and the US.

So many advanced research and training schools in the last year have either not taken place at all or have taken place in severely limited form. In recognition of current needs among UK and international graduate students and early career researchers, we are planning for this Workshop to be in-person for participants. The workshop includes opportunities for discussion among younger scientists about different aspects of the mathematics and science of the climate crisis, as well discussion of its impact on political decision-making.

The workshop will include a poster session, interactive activities and social events.  It is suitable for early career researchers and PhD students with some background in mathematical modelling.
Speakers include: 
Peter Ashwin, University of Exeter
Niklas Boers, FU Berlin/PIK-Potsdam, University of Exeter
Chris Budd, University of Bath
Alberto Carrassi, University of Reading/NCEO
Rosalind Cornforth, University of Reading
Davide Faranda, CEA/CNRS
Ulrike Feudel, University of Oldenburg
Vera M. Galfi, University of Uppsala
Michael Ghil,  ENS and University of California, Los Angeles
Anna von der Heydt, University of Utrecht
Valerio Lucarini, University of Reading
Peter Cox, University of Exeter
Peter Ditlevsen, University of Copenhagen
Additionally, Chris Budd will lead a public engagement event. 


If you would like to participate in this event, including the opportunity to present a poster please register your interest here.

The closing date for applications will be 27 September 2021. 

 Because of the rapidly changing situation with Covid, we aim to confirm the workshop as in-person (or not) only early in October. You should not to make travel or accommodation plans until you hear this confirmation.