Convex Optimisation and Beyond

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Convex Optimisation and Beyond

 Jun 27 2014
 ICMS, 15 South College Street Edinburgh

Solving convex optimisation problems is the principal requirement in computational optimisation. Ever-increasing problem size, particularly as a result of the growing importance and scale of data analysis, is driving the development of novel techniques for solving convex optimisation problems using high performance computing systems. Further information about the workshop can be found here.


  • Stephen Boyd, Stanford University - Operator Splitting for Conic Optimisation via Homogeneous Self-Dual Embedding

  • Jacek Gondzio, University of Edinburgh - Inexact Search Directions and Matrix-Free Second-Order Methods for Optimisation

  • Julian Hall, University of Edinburgh -  Parallelising the Dual Revised Simplex Method

  • Raphael Hauser, University of Oxford - The Role of Convex Optimisation in Optimal Alignments of Random Sequences

  • Daniel Kuhn, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne - Generalised Gauss Inequalities via Semidefinite Programming

  • Daniel Ralph, University of Cambridge - Capacity Decisions in Electricity Production Under Risk Aversion and Risk Trading


Kerem, AkartunaliUniversity of Strathclyde
Ahmed, Al-KinaniHeriot-Watt University
Paula, AquilinaUniversity of Edinburgh
Ademola, AsamuHeriot-Watt University
Stavridis, AthanasiosUniversity of Edinburgh
Shuanghua, BaiUniversity of Southampton
Martin-Barragan, BelenUniversity of Edinburgh
Manolis, BelivanisUniversity of Strathclyde
Alexander, BelyaevHeriot-Watt University
Alessandro, BenfenatiUniversity of Ferrara
Sudip, BiswasUniversity of Edinburgh
David, BoleaHeriot-Watt University
Stephen, BoydStanford University
Burak, BukeThe University of Edinburgh
Waqquas, BukhshTechnical University of Denmark
Xavier, CabezasUniversity of Edinburgh
Juan Sebastian, Campos SalazarImperial College London
Cheng, ChenUniversity of Edinburgh
Tezcan, CogalanUniversity of Edinburgh
Ioannis, DassiosUniversity of Edinburgh
John, FakidisUniversity of Edinburgh
Olivier, FercoqUniversity of Edinburgh
Roger, FletcherUniversity of Dundee
Kimon, FountoulakisUniversity of Edinburgh
Jaroslav, FowkesUniversity of Edinburgh
Sergio, García QuilesUniversity of Edinburgh
Ioannis, GiagkiozisUniversity of Sheffield
Jacek, GondzioUniversity of Edinburgh
Robert, GowerUniversity of Edinburgh
Andreas, GrotheyUniversity of Edinburgh
Morteza, Haghighat SefatHeriot-Watt University
Julian, HallUniversity of Edinburgh
Mona, HamidUniversity of Edinburgh
Karl, HartwigUniversity of Strathclyde
Raphael, HauserUniversity of Oxford
Yibo, HeUniversity of Edinburgh
Fintan, HegartyUniversity of Birmingham
Kasai, HiroyukiTUM
Chin Pang, HoImperial College London
Vahan, HovhannisyanImperial College London
Sei, HoweImperial College London
Junko, HutahaeanHeriot-Watt University
Ivana, KockarUniversity of Strathclyde
Jakub, KonečnýUniversity of Edinburgh
Daniel, KuhnEPFL
Roman, KukumbergComenius University
Alexandra, KuznetsovaHeriot-Watt University
Ethan, LiuLancaster Univerisity
Martin, LotzThe University of Manchester
Mohd, MaasarBrunel University
Eloisa, MacedoUniversity of Aveiro
Ken, McKinnonUniversity of Edinburgh
Xu, MengDurham University
Sazuan Nazrah, Mohd AzamTechnical University of Denmark
Shishir, NagarajaUniversity of Birmingham
Polydorides, NickUniversity of Edinburgh
Bjorn, NygreenNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Taweechai, OuypornkochagornUniversity of Edinburgh
Paul, PatrasUniversity of Edinburgh
Anne, PhilippTU Darmstadt
Milana, PlecasUniversity of Strathclyde
Rongrong, QianHeriot-Watt University
Feng, QiangUniversity of Edinburgh
Danny, RalphUniversity of Cambridge
Peter, RichtarikUniversity of Edinburgh
Rik, SarkarUniversity of Edinburgh
Mathini, SellathuraiHeriot-Watt University
Rafael, SilvaUniversity of Edinburgh
Anna, SoskaUniversity of Southampton
Seda, SucuUniversity of Strathclyde
Junchi, TanUniversity of Strathclyde
Rachael, TappendenUniversity of Edinburgh
Konstantinos, Tavlaridis-GyparakisEcole Polytechnique
Georgios, TsistrakisHeriot-Watt University
Konstantin, VandyshevDelft University of Technology
Yunlu, WangIntitution for digital and communication
Yuchang, WangUniversity of Edinburgh
Yves, WiauxHeriot-Watt University/University of Edinburgh
Xiping, WuUniverisity of Edinburgh
Chunlei, XuUniversity of Birmingham
Yiming, YanUniversity of Edinburgh
Yunjie, YangUniversity of Edinburgh
Li, YichenUniveristy of Edinburgh
Yunhan, ZhangUniversity of Edinburgh
Lin, ZhouUniversity of Edinburgh