Bundles and Conformal Blocks with a Twist

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Bundles and Conformal Blocks with a Twist

 13 - 17 Jun 2022
 ICMS, Bayes Centre, 47 Potterrow Edinburgh

In the past decades, the theory of moduli spaces of bundles over algebraic curves has played a central role in various branches of mathematics, with deep ties to very active areas such as topological field theories, the Langlands program, and representation theory of affine Lie algebras, just to mention a couple. A crucial ingredient that unifies several refinements of the theory came into focus recently: torsors for parahoric Bruhat-Tits group schemes. This unifies level structures, parabolic bundles, prym varieties, and the structures underlying twisted confomal blocks from conformal field theory. As in the untwisted case, the latter are vector bundles on appropriate moduli spaces whose fibres describe generalized theta functions on the moduli of bundles.

The last few years have seen the start of a systematic study of these matters, involving different communities of researchers and areas of interest. This conference is the first activity of its kind focused on this development.

Organising Committee:

  • Chiara Damiolini (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Johan Martens (University of Edinburgh)
  • Swarnava Mukhopadhyay (TIFR Mumbai)

Scientific Advisory Committee:

  • Jochen Heinloth (University of Duisburg-Essen)
  • Iain Gordon (University of Edinburgh)
  • Frances Kirwan (University of Oxford)
  • Shrawan Kumar (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill)

Preliminary List of Speakers:

  • Joergen Andersen
  • Vikram Balaji
  • David Baraglia
  • Anna Beliakova
  • Prakash Belkale
  • Philip Boalch
  • Emily Cliff
  • Tanmay Deshpande
  • Gerd Faltings
  • Angela Gibney
  • Jiuzu Hong
  • Marina Logares
  • Christian Pauly
  • Ana Peon
  • Michael Rapoport
  • Constantin Teleman
  • Katrin Wendland
  • Richard Wentworth
  • Xinwen Zhu
  • Matt Szczesny


Details regarding participation will appear here in due course.


Details regarding the programme will appear here in due course.