Equality and diversity action plan

The ICMS is committed to equality and diversity in all its activities and has developed the following action plan.


  • Proposal Submission and Acceptance
  • Monitor gender ratios for organisers and participants at the proposal submission stage and challenge any proposal with no female organiser or a low gender ratio for potential participants.
  • Require workshop proposers to identify steps that they intend to take to improve diversity within their field.
  • To put greater emphasis on gender balance when considering proposals and, if appropriate, make the acceptance of a proposal conditional upon meeting gender balance expectations for potential participants.
    See https://www.lms.ac.uk/adviceondiversityatconferencesandseminars


  • Practical and Financial Support
    • Publish and promote a clear and transparent Provision of Care policy to assist in the removal of barriers to participation, for example by offering: accommodation suitable for participants’ needs; ensure ICMS events are accessible to all participants; financial assistance for those with caring needs or responsibilities.
    • Seek funding that can be used to help remove barriers to participation including for participants from DAC List countries.
    • Support those who wish to participate in ICMS events but are not comfortable in approaching organisers directly.
    • Make imaginative use of web and audio-visual technologies to facilitate virtual participation.


  •  Participation and Organisation Rates
    • Monitor ethnicity of participants to inform future diversity action plans.
    • Monitor female participation rates at all levels and offer guidance to organisers towards target minimum participation rate of 25% by 2020.
    • Strongly encourage workshop proposers to include at least one woman as a workshop organiser or scientific advisor.


  • Environment and Communication
    • Create a pleasant gender-neutral working environment where everyone feels welcome and valued.
    • Ensure that all ICMS publications and communications including the website reflect its desire to support and nurture women and diversity in mathematics.


  • Governance
    • Work to ensure that at least 30% of appointed members of ICMS’s Programme Committee and Advisory Board, and 25% of its Management Committee are women.


  • Reporting
    •Report gender statistics annually to Management Committee and the Advisory Board for all activities.


  • Events and Activities
    • Seek opportunities and funds to host events and activities for women mathematical scientists.
    • Seek opportunities and funds to host events and activities to encourage diversity in the mathematical sciences.


  • Training
    • Ensure all permanent ICMS staff have access to CPD opportunities including regular unconscious bias training and other appropriate courses.
    • Make unconscious bias training available to all ICMS committee and Board members. Monitor and report numbers of members who have had unconscious bias training in the last three years.