Caring support at ICMS


The ICMS is committed to removing barriers to participation in its events.  We are pleased to be able to support participants to come to Edinburgh and not be excluded from events because of their caring responsibilities. The ICMS has limited money available to assist participants who have child, or other, care needs.

 “I travelled with my family as I have a young baby that I cannot leave behind. The organisers were exceedingly accommodating to my needs, everyone did all they could to facilitate my attendance. I believe having funding specifically to support childcare related costs allowed them to help me as much as they wished, and made my life much easier. Without the support, I would not have been able to attend. “- Workshop participant 2018

Assistance can take the form of:

  • Providing accommodation for an accompanying carer
  • Providing travel support for an accompanying carer
  • Paying for any additional care costs incurred by participants

If you have any special requirements and would like to discuss accessing the support please contact us as far in advance as possible. Please email the relevant conference co-ordinator for the event at ICMS or email Jane Walker, Centre Manager jane.walker @

Please note
- we cannot provide or recommend childcare in Edinburgh
- It is the University of Edinburgh's policy that in general people are discouraged from bringing children into working and learning spaces, and it is neither in the interest of children nor in that of other participants in academic work-related activities to spend an entire days in non-public University spaces. There is a University café on the ground floor and numerous coffee shops locally for people to use.