Virtual Seminar Series - Scientific Understanding and Modelling of the Decontamination of COVID 19 Infected spaces and surfaces

This is the webpage for the weekly seminar series - Scientific understanding and modelling of the decontamination of COVID-19 infected spaces and surfaces

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This seminar series is organised by UK Fluids Network Special Interest Group on the Fluid Mechanics of Cleaning and Decontamination,

The seminars occur weekly on a Friday at 11.30am. You will receive an email on the day of the meeting (typically 30 mins before the start time) with joining instructions. This will enable us to include late sign ups.


This seminar series is being recorded, previous talks are available here.


Future Seminars


26th June:

The seminar series will conclude with a summary of what we've learnt about the virus, and in particular what we still don't know. There will be a forum for all participants to contribute to the discussion. More details to follow.


Past Seminars

24th April

Keith Paver (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Virus survival outside the body, the epidemiologist's nightmare

Dudley Hewlett & Jonathan Jones (DASA, Dstl)

DASA – COVID19 Fast Track

An overview of the Defence and Security Accelerator function and its current involvement in the national response to COVID-19. A brief description of DASA’s current COVID19 Fast Track call will be given.

1st May

Jonathan Reid (Bristol)

SARS-CoV-2: Aerosols, droplets and airborne transmission

15th May

Catherine Noakes, (Leeds)

Aerosol dispersion and environmental control through ventilation and UVGI disinfection

22nd May

Ivan Parkin, (UCL)

Photo Disinfection of Surfaces

29th May

Andy Woods (University of Cambridge)

Modelling aerosol dispersal in buildings


5th June:

Peter Collins (Coatings Consultancy)

Title: Prospects for Anti-viral Coatings


This seminar series is supported as part of the Virtual Forum for Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences.

Zoom is the online platform being used to deliver this seminar series. Any questions relating to the seminar, please contact