One World Virtual Seminar Series - Nonlinear Waves and their Applications

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These seminars take place weekly at 15:00 (GMT)

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Next Seminar

Wednesday 25 November - 3-4pm (GMT)

Emilian Parau - TBA


Future Seminars

Wednesday 2 December - 3-4pm (GMT)



Wednesday 9 December - 3-4pm (GMT)



Previous Seminars

Wednesday 22 April

David Lannes

Title: The Boussinesq equations with a freely floating object

Katie Olivera

Title: Conservation Laws for Water Waves


Wednesday 29 April

John Carter

Title: Comparisons between bidirectional Whitham systems and experimental measurements

Thibault Congy

Title: Bidirectional soliton gas


Wednesday 6 May

Onno Bokhove

Title: Coupling dispersive water waves to shallow-water bores on a beach

Davide Proment

Title: Sound emission and irreversible dynamics during vortex reconnections in quantum fluids


Wednesday 13 May

Miguel Onorato

Title: Thermalization and conduction in a one dimensional lattice

Olga Tritchtenko

Title: Stability of Solutions to Hamiltonian PDEs via Polynomials


Wednesday 20 May

Erik Wahlen

Title: Large-amplitude solitary waves for the Whitham equation

Valerio Lucarini

Title: A New Mathematical Framework for Atmospheric Blocking Events


Wednesday 27 May

David Andrande

Title: New solutions of the C.S.Y. equation reveal increases in freak-wave occurrence

Jean-Marc Vanden-Broeck

Title: Limiting configurations of steep nonlinear water waves


Wednesday 3 June

Dan Hill

Title: 'Mountains out of Magnets' - Existence of Localised Radial Peaks on the Surface of a Ferrofluid

Dan Ratliff

Title: Entirely Out of Character? Dispersive Dynamics in Moving Frames


Wednesday 10 June

Rafael Granero-Belinchón

Title: Water waves with viscosity

Amir Sagiv

Title: Reversibility loss and phase loss in nonlinear optics


Wednesday 17 June

Andre Nachbin

Title: Wave-mediated Kuramoto-like synchronization with bouncing droplets

Firas Dhaouadi

Title: A hyperbolic augmented model for The Nonlinear Schrödinger equation


Wednesday 1 July

Mozhgan (Nora) Entekhabi

Title: Inverse Source Scattering Problems with Multi- Frequencies


Wednesday 8 July

Wesley Perkins

Title: Uniform Stability to Subharmonic Pertubations


Wednesday 15 July,

Bruno Vergara

Title: Uniqueness and convexity of Whitham’s highest cusped wave.


Wednesday 7 October

Miles Wheeler

Title: Nonexistence of subcritical solitary waves


Wednesday 14 October

Bard Ermentrout

Title: Nonlocal Phase Waves


Wednesday 21 October

Mark Groves

Title: Fully localised three-dimensional gravity-capillary solitary waves on water of infinite depth.


Wednesday 28 October

Ricardo Lopes-Barros

Title: Strongly nonlinear effects on internal solitary waves in a three-layer fluid

Please find the lecture slides here.


Wednesday 4 November

Gennady El (Northumbria University )

Title: Modulational instability and nonlinear spectral theory of soliton gas


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