Introduction to Integrability Lecture Series

This is the webpage for the Introduction to LMS Integrability Lecture Series

Organiser Misha Feigin, (University of Glasgow)


LMS Introduction to Integrability Lecture Series

This is a lecture course of 5 lectures which gives samples of main types of integrable systems together with techniques for dealing with them. Classical and quantum, continuous and discrete integrable systems and equations will be discussed. Conserved quantities, Lax pairs and commuting flows will be emphasized throughout.

Thursdays 3:30pm to 4:30pm for five weeks starting on 22 October 2020.

Please note the first lecture is on British Summer Time, the subsequent four lectures are on Greenwich Mean Time.

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Call details will be sent out 30mins before the start of the seminar

This event is kindly funded by the London Mathematical Society.

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Programme of lectures:


All lectures will be recorded and archived by the ICMS, links will be found on this page in due course.


Thursday 22 October 3:30pm (BST) (Please note this is the only lecture under BST)

Speaker: Tamás Görbe, (University of Leeds)

Title: Classical integrability for finite-dimensional Hamiltonian systems.


Thursday 29 October 3:30pm (GMT)

Speaker: Maxime Fairon, (University of Glasgow)

Title:Quantum integrability for finite-dimensional Hamiltonian systems.


Thursday 5 November 3:30pm (GMT)

Speaker: Bart Vlaar, (Heriot Watt University)

Title:Coordinate Bethe Ansatz.


Thursday 12 November 3:30pm (GMT)

Speaker: Francesco Giglio, (University of Glasgow)

Title:The KdV equation as an example of integrable PDE.


Thursday 19 November 3:30pm (GMT)

Speaker: Mats Vermeeren, (University of Leeds)

Title:Discrete integrable systems.


This seminar series is supported as part of the ICMS Online Mathematical Sciences Seminars.