Virtual European Study Group 162

20-24 July 2020

European Study Groups with Industry are an internationally recognised method of technology transfer between academic mathematicians and industry. European Study Groups with Industry are week long workshops that provide a forum for problem presenters from businesses and non-academic institutions to work alongside academic mathematicians and data scientists on real-world problems of direct relevance.

162nd European Study Group with Industry was due to take place at the University of Leeds.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 162nd European Study Group with Industry took place online. The  Virtual Forum for Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences (V-KEMS) supported the on-line hosting of this event.

For more details of study group, please see the website.


Here is the group photo from the event






Problems included:

  • A problem to develop climate crisis stress tests to assess corporate bonds. 
  • Dstl – the science inside UK national security is considering the problem of uncertainty quantification of self-organised swarms of drone sensors. 
  • Faraday Predictive Ltd want to understand the relative magnitude of distortions to motor current arising from changes in motor load, eccentricity and rotor condition. 
  • Innovation Embassy would like to estimate the total amount that online customers will spend based on limited data, including how the customer arrives at the website and their initial purchase.
  • Transfinite (problem 1) want to quantify risk under deployment uncertainty in radio spectrum management. 
  • Transfinite (problem 2) would like to assess the probability of satellite collision and/or the number of avoidance manoeuvres that would be needed in busy orbit shells.