Maximizing Impact and Reproducibility of Acoustic Modelling Software Workshop

13 July 2020

Software is a common & valuable research output for researchers working in the fields of Mathematical and Computational Acoustics. Producing it well, and making it public, can have a significant positive effect on the number of citations and the level of impact your work achieves.

It is also becoming increasingly recognised by funding bodies. UKRI’s impact criterion includes that “activities should be undertaken that work with beneficiaries to shorten the time between discovery and use of knowledge” - a requirement that well-produced software fulfills.

To help all researchers improve their knowledge and practices in this area, the Computational Acoustics and the Mathematical Acoustics Special Interest Groups of the UK Acoustics Network are coming together with the Sustainable Software Institute offer this one-day workshop.


  • Celebrate existing best practice from academics who champion open source. Hear what worked, what didn’t work, and what they might do differently if they were starting again now.
  • Discover the needs of industry and hear about what software tools benefit them most.
  • Learn about the national strategy from the EPSRC and the SSI.
  • Scope out the support necessary to grow a new ‘Community of Best Practice’. This is a new initiative from the SSI that would help our community work together to produce better research software outputs that are more readily adopted and interfaced.

Format of the Workshop:


Morning Session (open to all participants)
10:30    Introduction
10:45     EPRSC Perspective

  • Development & successes with various tools
  • Experiences of working software houses and DEA
  • ECR Perspectives
  • Industry Perspectives

13:20  End of Morning Session

Afternoon Session (UK based participants)
14:00     Introduction
14:05     SSI perspective & Communities of Practice
14:30     Development & Successes with
14:40     Discussion Sessions (3 groups)
15:40     Feedback from Breakout room leaders
15:55     Concluding Remarks


Registration is closed.


In the interim, if you have questions or want to get involved please contact

This event is supported as part of the Virtual Forum for Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences (V-KEMS)

Zoom is the online platform being used to deliver this event.