Discussion forum on agri-food logistic threats and research opportunities

28 April 2020, 2pm

The Covid-19 pandemic has had many negative effects on UK society and the economy. In recent weeks we have seen supermarket shortages and reduced offerings. As the UK is not self-sufficient in food production (for example only 16% of fruit and 52% vegetables and salad are grown in the UK), disruption to the logistics infrastructure could have serious knock-on effects for the UK. The often-complex network and interaction of growers, manufacturers, retailers and freight organisations mean that the current crisis is putting a strain on each of these sectors and the infrastructure which support it.

On 28 April, 2 PM, KTN held a forum to present mathematical science topics, and create an environment to discuss priorities, overlaps and potential avenues for the research base to support in a coordinated manner.

 During this forum, there was a small number of short (5 minute) responses from the mathematical scientists on key topics. These topics have been developed as a response to industry consultation:

  • Supply chain and inventory modelling
  • Operational research for transportation and logistics
  • Network science
  • Statistical modelling
  • Risk modelling

05 May 2020 Update - A summary paper, with embedded links to the slides, is available here.

This event is supported as part of the Virtual Forum for Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences (V-KEMS).


Further details on the Virtual Forum for Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences are available here.