Online Public Engagement Training

Under the current EPSRC grant ICMS has Public Communication Training Fund (PCTF) monies. This funding is to support public communications training. Specialist skills, different from those used when communicating with peers, are needed for addressing public audiences. PCTFs are made available to promote the spread of such skills through the research community.

Plans for 2020, have been revised in to response to the ongoing pandemic with a focus on the particular challenges of public communication online.

Katie Steckles and Ben Sparks will deliver a training course spread over 2 half days which will provide generic advice/guidance for on-line activities.

In order to facilitate delivery of interactive public engagement workshops by ECRs, both online and in person, this training session will develop participants’ skills and share techniques for presenting maths online - while keeping it interactive and engaging the audience.

The participants will be given general advice on communicating maths clearly and effectively, and on designing well-structured workshop sessions which engage students and bring maths concepts to life. These skills will be applicable to both online and real-world presenting. Participants will also have opportunities to discuss and ask questions, and see demonstrations of the kinds of interactive maths activities suitable to include in a workshop.

The training will also include a section specifically focused on online delivery, with presenting tips applied to an online workshop context. This will include guidance and recommendations on software, hardware and techniques to ensure high standards in delivery, as well as ways to use online interactive materials to allow students to participate instead of just watching someone talk on a video. This can be an existing idea participants are keen to develop OR an idea developed during this training activity.

ICMS is partnering with Maths Week Scotland.

This event will be held on-line.


This event has been developed with Early Career Researchers in mind, however it is open to participants at all career stages

The event can accommodate a maximum of 20 participants We anticipate high demand for the event and it MAY be necessary to limit the number of participants from a single institution. Participants must be available for both sessions. Whilst there is no fee for partication, late cancellation/no-show charges will be applied and billed to home institutions.

If demand is high we will investigate options to re-run the training at a later date.


2 half-day sessions

Session 1 Wednesday 2nd September (half-day, pm)
General maths communication and structuring a workshop
Delivering content online - including hardware, software and techniques
Example demonstration of an interactive online activity
Planning your own interactive online activity, working in pairs

Participants to use the time between sessions to prepare and practise delivering their activity

Session 2 Wednesday 9th September (half-day, pm)
Participants to demonstrate the activity they have prepared for feedback from trainers and other participants
More general advice, Q&A and discussion.

ICMS has linked with Maths Week Scotland* to provide a opportunity for workshops developed under this training activity to be delivered to school audiences. Support from the trainers will be available to participants who wish to explore this option. Participants may also wish to identify alternative or additional opportunities to deliver the developed workshops.

[*Please Note If you would like to deliver a Maths Week Scotland activity funding is available through the Small Grants Fund. It is open for applications 10 August - noon 26 August and full details can be found here ]

The call for applications is now closed.

This event was held in September 2020. A final email update to participants is plnned for late November/early December.