Summer School: Geometric representation theory and low-dimensional topology

3-7 June 2019

ICMS, The Bayes Centre, 47 Potterrow, Edinburgh EH8 9BT

Scientific Organisers

  • Dan Freed, University of Texas, Austin
  • David Jordan, University of Edinburgh
  • Peter Samuelson, University of California, Riverside
  • Olivier Schiffmann, University of Paris-Sud, Orsay

The aim of the workshop at ICMS the following week after this summer school is to bring together researchers in topological field theory, geometric representation theory, mathematical physics, and algebraic combinatorics to report on recent progress and open questions at the intersection of these fields. In recent years, several independent research groups have raised the possibility of new 3- and 4-dimensional topological field theories tying together Khovanov-Rozansky knot homology, double affine Hecke algebras and elliptic Hall algebras, super Yang-Mills theory, Betti quantum geometric Langlands, and Hilbert schemes. As each of these topics constitutes a specialist field in its own right, it is essential that we bring researchers together to exchange ideas and insights.

The aim of this summer school, therefore, is to prepare students for the breadth of topics covered in the workshop, through a lecture series delivered by experts in each respective field. It is expected that applicants to the summer school will also attend the workshop

The main lecturers are:

  • Summer school lecturers
    • Tina Kanstrup, University of Bonn Knot homologies and matrix factorizations
    • Pavel Safronov, University of Zurich Shifted Poisson structures in representation theory
    • Hiro Lee Tanaka, Texas State University Topological field theory, oo-categories, and factorization homology
    • Monica Vazirani, University of California, Davis Hecke algebras and representation theory

Further details about the syllabus will appear here in Spring 2019.

Travel and accommodation

It is expected that accommodation expenses for all participants for both weeks will be covered by the workshop grants. For US-based participants, we may be able to cover flights, due to a pending NSF supplementary grant. It may be possible to help with travel expenses for other participants, if they would otherwise be unable to attend. Please provide details of financial support required on the application form.

ICMS does NOT use third parties to arrange accommodation.  If you are approached by a third party (e.g. Business Travel Management) asking for booking details, please ignore.  If you have any concerns please contact ICMS.

How to apply

It is expected that applications to the summer school will be competitive and applicants are encouraged to give a clear argument in support of their participation. Participants will range from a mix of mid-stage and finishing Ph.D. students, as well as post-docs. More career-senior participants are warmly welcome to attend the summer school as well (space allowing), however priority for funding will go to early-career stage participants. Advanced knowledge of all themes of the workshop is, of course, not a requirement for acceptance. The selection criteria will depend on the relevance of the workshop to the applicants' research program, and on their ability to contribute to the success of the activities, and to the diversity of the gathering. The deadline for application to the summer school is February 28th, 2019. Please click here to access the form. You will be advised on the success of your application by mid-March 2019. The organizers are strongly committed to fair gender balance and to the inclusion of participants of diverse backgrounds. You are therefore invited -- but by no means obliged -- to state on the application form if you identify as a member of an under-represented group in mathematics.