Edinburgh Mathematical Society Postgraduate Meeting for Students 2018

21 – 23 May 2018



The Edinburgh Mathematical Society held twenty-first residential meeting for postgraduate students from all Scottish universities at The Burn, on 21-23 May 2018. As always, the meeting provided an informal setting for students to meet others working in similar areas. Talks were given by many of the participants. This year two students shared the "Prize for the Best EMS Student Presentation”:

  • Laurence Lee (Talk title: “Diophantine Approximation: An Introduction”)
  • Nayab Khalid (Talk title: “Symmetries of Fractals")

Congratulations to Laurence and Nayab.


Monday 21 May


Afternoon tea/coffee+cake (General introduction)

Session Chair: Michael Torpey


Douglas Howroyd (University of St Andrews)
A brief introduction to fractal geometry


Alexander Trost (University of Aberdeen)
From Hamiltonian Mechanics to Symplectic Geometry-A short introduction


Nayab Khalid (University of St Andrews)
Symmetries of Fractals


Fandi Sun (Heriot-Watt University)
Adaptive time-stepping strategies for stochastic differential equations with Milstein scheme


Lawrence Lee (University of St Andrews)
Diophantine Approximation: An Introduction


Ahmed Ismaeel (University of Glasgow)
A mathematical model for photothermal ablation of spherical tumours




Tuesday 22 May



Session Chair: Wilf Wilson


Bastien Karlhofer (University of Aberdeen)
Applications of the homotopy principle


Fiona Macfarlane (University of St Andrews)
Mathematical Modelling of the Immune Response to Cancer: An Individual Based Approach


Ana Fernandez Vidal (Heriot-Watt University)
Maximum likelihood estimation of regularization parameters


Coffee/Tea break

Session Chair: Lawrence Lee


Stuart Burrell (University of St Andrews)
Dimension and inhomogeneous attractors


Abdulah Alghamdi (University of Dundee)
Mathematical Modelling of Microbial Population Dynamics


David Recio Mitter (University of Aberdeen)
Topological robotics and motion planning


Oytun Hacariz (Heriot-Watt University)
Genetics, Insurance, and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)




Excursion/ Leisure time




Wednesday 23 June




Announcement of Prize Winner


Bus to Montrose train station




The cost of the meeting will be subsidised by the Society, but it is necessary to make a charge to each student of £67.50, payable in advance. The following universities have confirmed that they will pay the £67.50 charge for their PhD students:

University of Aberdeen
University of Dundee
University of Edinburgh
University of Glasgow
Heriot-Watt University
University of St Andrews
University of Stirling
University of Strathclyde

This fee covers the cost of accommodation and all meals at The Burn, from Monday evening to Wednesday breakfast. We are not able to reimburse the cost of travel to The Burn, but you may be able to recover this from your department. We will provide transport to The Burn from Montrose station for the outgoing journey on Monday 21 May and also for the return journey on Wednesday 23 May.


Registration is now closed. Applicants will receive an email from ICMS regarding their participation after 17 April 2018.


The meeting will begin in the afternoon on Monday at 15:45 and will end after breakfast on Wednesday 23 May.

How to get there

The Burn is 1½ miles east of Edzell on the B966 road. If you intend to travel by CAR, you should aim to arrive at the Burn before 15.30 on Monday 21 May. Please visit this link for driving instructions.

If you are travelling by TRAIN, you should go to MONTROSE. We will provide transport to The Burn from Montrose station for the outgoing journey on Monday 21 May and also for the return journey on Wednesday 23 May.

  • For the outgoing journey on Monday 21 May the minibus will depart at 14.30
  • For the return journey on Wednesday 23 May the minibus will depart at 10.30

Please note places are strictly limited to those who have requested minibus transportation. The journey between the Montrose station and The Burn will take approximately 30 minutes.

On Monday 21 May suitable trains to Montrose are:

  • Aberdeen Departs 13:37 Arrives 14:17
  • Dundee Departs 13.39 Arrives 14.09
  • Edinburgh Waverley Departs 12:30 Arrives 14:09
  • Glasgow Queen Street Departs 11.41 Arrives 13.33
  • Leuchars Departs 13:24 Arrives 14:09
  • Stirling Departs 12:07 Arrives 13.33

On Wednesday 23 May suitable trains from Montrose are:

  • Aberdeen Departs 11.05
  • Dundee Departs 11.14
  • Edinburgh Waverley Departs 11.44
  • Glasgow Queen Street Departs 11:14
  • Leuchars Departs 11.44
  • Stirling Departs 11:14

Please check the train times before travelling. Further information about rail travel can be found at the Scotrail website.


Bedding and a towel are provided at the Burn House. If you have indicated a special diet, this will be catered for. Tennis, croquet and bowls can be played in the grounds, and the area is good for hill-walking. (Note that you are responsible for your own safety during any activity).

The Burn contact details

Further information, about the Burn House can be found here.

Giving a Talk

  • Talks should be 15 minutes long. Session chairs will be keeping a close eye on the time, so don't overrun!
  • There are no blackboards at the Burn. You must prepare either over-head projector transparencies or an Acroread (pdf) presentation. A data projector is available for those wishing to give a Acroread presentation. A computer will be available for this purpose which will run Adobe Acroread. Bring your talk on a USB key, or as a last resort you can e-mail the talk directly to Dr Raluca Eftimie.
  • Please remember that you may be the only expert in your subject area at the Burn - so don't make things too difficult for the rest of us.

Not Giving a Talk

  • Those of you who are not giving a talk will be allocated the job of session chair or helper.