Entrance hall of the ICMS

Algebraic Lie theory and representation theory

Sep 01, 2014 - Sep 05, 2014

ICMS, 15 South College Street


Name Institution
Goodwin, Simon University of Birmingham
Kujawa, Jonathan University of Oklahoma
Ram, Arun University of Melbourne
Savage, Alistair University of Ottawa
Varagnolo, Michela Université de Cergy-Pontoise

Recent years have seen exciting and ground-breaking developments in Lie theory, providing advances and insights into the field, involving a mixture of combinatorial, algebraic geometric and topological tools. The time is now right to bring together a broad range of researchers to report and discuss these recent developments and to shape future directions.

The workshop will focus of four areas of algebraic Lie theory:

  • the categorification of Lie theoretic algebras and their representations by geometric, algebraic and combinatorial means
  • the role of sheaves and other geometric constructions in representation theory
  • the quiver Hecke algebras recently introduced by Khovanov-Lauda and Rouquier
  • finite W- (super) algebras and rational Cherednik algebras


It is anticipated that the workshop will commence with Registration on Monday morning 1 September and close around midday on Friday 5 September 2014.   Please take these timings into account when organising your travel to the workshop.

Participation is by invitation only.   Invitations were sent early June 2014. If you were expecting an invitation and have not received one please contact moira.spencer(at)icms.org.uk

The workshop will be held at 15 South College Street, Edinburgh.  You may also find this map useful for the workshop.  All lectures will be held in the Newhaven Lecture Theatre.
The Lecture Theatre is equipped with a data projector, computer, visualiser (the new generation of overhead projectors) and two blackboards.  The projector and one board may be used simultaneously.  It is best to bring your presentation on a memory stick to use in our ICMS computer.   Alternatively, it is possible for you to use your own laptop with our data projector, but please be aware that you may have to alter your laptop resolutions/settings. 
Information about travel to the UK and Edinburgh is available here.

Please note that it is your responsibility to have adequate travel insurance to cover medical and other emergencies that may occur on your trip.

A taxi directly from the airport will cost approximately 20.00 to 25.00 GBP to the city centre for a one-way journey.     There is also a bus service direct from the airport to the city centre which will cost 4.00 GBP single or 7.00 GBP return - the Airlink 100.  This is a frequent service (every 10 minutes during peak times) and will bring you close to Waverley Railway Station, only a short walk to the accommodation and the workshop venue (see map in 'Venue' section above). 

Lothian buses charge £1.50 for a single, £3.50 for a day ticket. Please note that the exact fare is required and no change is given.

If travelling by train, please note that Edinburgh has three railway stations - Waverley Railway Station being the main station and closest to the workshop venue at 15 South College Street. If you alight at Edinburgh Waverley, the workshop venue is an easy 10 minute walk over North and South Bridge. (The other stations are Haymarket and Edinburgh Park at the West side of the city). 
UK Visas
If you are travelling from overseas you may require an entry visa. A European visa does not guarantee entry to the UK. Please use this link to the UK Visas site to find out if you need a visa and if so how to apply for one.
Participants who require a visa for entry to the UK should contact ICMS as soon as possible.

If your invitation email stated that accommodation was being provided you will be staying at Pollock Halls of Residence:

Masson House, Pollock Halls of Residence, The University of Edinburgh, 18 Holyrood Park Road, Edinburgh EH16 5AY
0800 028 7118 (UK only) - +44 (0)131 651 2189

Pollock Halls is about a 20-25 minute walk from ICMS.

The workshop grant will cover refreshments throughout the event, lunch on four days, an informal wine reception and a workshop dinner.

Wireless Access
The workshop venue, 15 South College Street, has wireless access throughout. On arrival at Registration you will be given instructions and a code for accessing the wireless network.  For those without laptops, there will also be a couple of computers available for you to check your emails. 

Registration Fee
A 70.00 GBP registration fee is payable by all.  Unfortunately, we do not yet have an on-line payment system at ICMS.   Details of how to pay will be emailed nearer the time of the workshop.  

Who to contact?
If you have any enquiries about the arrangements for this workshop, please email:   moira.spencer(at)icms.org.uk .


To be announced


Name Institution
Arakawa, Tomoyuki Kyoto University
Ardakov, Konstantin University of Oxford
Balagovic, Martina University of Newcastle
Bellamy, Gwyn University of Glasgow
Bowman, Chris City University, London
Cheng, Shun-Jen Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Chlouveraki, Maria University of Versailles
Cox, Anton City University London
Daugherty, Zajj Dartmouth College
Ehrig, Michael University of Cologne
Ellis, Alexander University of Oregon
Evseev, Anton University of Birmingham
Fayers, Matthew Queen Mary University of London
Gautam, Sachin Columbia University
Goodwin, Simon University of Birmingham
Gordon, Iain University of Edinburgh
Grantcharov, Dimitar University of Texas, Arlington
Grensing, Anna Louise University of Bielefeld/University of Wuppertal
Griffis, John University of Texas, Arlington
Harris, Pamela United States Military Academy
Hill, David University of Virginia
Jordan, David University of Edinburgh
Kitchen, Sarah University of Michigan
Kolb, Stefan Newcastle University
Kremnitzer, Yakov University of Oxford
Kujawa, Jonathan University of Oklahoma
Kulkarni, Maitreyee Louisiana State University
Kvinge, Henry University of California, Davis
Lanini, Martina University of Erlangen
Lyle, Sinead University of East Anglia
Martirosyan, Lilit University of California San Diego
Mazorchuk, Volodymir Uppsala University
Mcnamara, Peter University of Sydney
Meinel, Joanna University of Bonn
Miemietz, Vanessa University of East Anglia
Moreau, Anne University of Poitiers
Paolini, Alessandro University of Birmingham
Pouchin, Guillaume University of Edinburgh
Ram, Arun University of Melbourne
Rosso, Daniele University of Ottawa / Centre de Recherches Mathématiques
Rumynin, Dmitriy University of Warwick
Savage, Alistair University of Ottawa
Serganova, Vera UC Berkeley
Sevastyanov, Alexey University of Aberdeen
Shan, Peng CNRS-University of Caen
Soergel, Wolfgang Universitäet Freiburg
Speyer, Liron Queen Mary University of London
Stroppel, Catharina University of Bonn
Sutton, Louise Queen Mary University of London
Tharp, Benjiman University of Oklahoma
Thelin, Sam University of Oxford
Thompson, Daniel MIT
Tingley, Peter Loyola University Chicago
Topley, Lewis University of East Anglia
Varagnolo, Michela Université de Cergy-Pontoise
Vasserot, Eric Université Paris 7
Wadsley, Simon University of Cambridge
Wang, Weiqiang University of Virginia
White, Noah University of Edinburgh
Yakimov, Milen Louisiana State University & UC Santa Barbara