Thermodynamic formalism in dynamical systems

18-22 June 2018


  • Thomas, Jordan University of Bristol
  • Omri Sarig, Weizmann Institute of Science
  • Dan Thompson, Ohio State University
  • Mike Todd, University of St Andrews

This week-long workshop is concerned with the application of ideas in thermodynamic formalism to dynamical systems. The primary targets in the early days of this approach were compact uniformly hyperbolic dynamical systems, usually with rather regular, although fractal, attracting/repelling sets. Recently these ideas have been applied to non-uniformly hyperbolic systems, non-compact systems, dissipative systems and systems with irregular attractors.

The main foci of the workshop are to bring together researchers with a wide range of specialities in thermodynamic formalism to allow for an increased interchange of ideas between these subfields and to address the important questions of contemporary interest.

The four main themes will be:

  • Non-uniformly hyperbolic and non-compact systems;
  • Subadditive ergodic theory and applications;
  • Infinite ergodic theory and dissipative dynamics;
  • Thermodynamics for systems of a geometric/physical origin.

We are grateful for the financial support from the Glasgow Mathematical Journal Learning and Research Support Fund. We also acknowledge financial support from the Edinburgh Mathematical Society.

Confirmed participants

Viviane Baladi
Pierre Berger
Jairo Bochi
Henk Bruin
Vaughn Climenhaga
Neil Dobbs
Kenneth Falconer
De-Jun Feng
Jonathan Fraser
Katrin Gelfert
Sebastien Gouezel
Godofredo Iommi
Antti Kaenmaki
Tom Kempton
Yuri Lima
Ian Melbourne
Yong Moo Chung
Ian Morris
Yakov Pesin
Mark Pollicott
Barbara Schapira
Richard Sharp
Karoly Simon
Dalia Terhesiu
Klaus Thomsen
Yuki Yayama


Invited speakers and participants will receive an email invitation from ICMS in February 2018.

The closing date for public applications was 15 February. All applicants will be notified of decisions in the near future.


To be announced