Call for Proposals

With support from EPSRC, LMS and EMS, ICMS is now inviting proposals for workshops and symposia on all aspects of the mathematical sciences in new or traditional subjects and interdisciplinary areas with significant mathematical content. ICMS particularly welcomes proposals for workshops in rapidly developing and newly emerging areas where there is a need to evaluate new developments quickly.

The Programme Committee will accept workshop proposals twice each year: on 1st October and 1st April.

In addition, ICMS invites proposals for Research in Groups (RiGs) acitivities. Final funding decisions on proposals submitted on 31st October will be made by March the following year. The Programme Committee will make decisions on proposals submitted on 31st March by early July the same year.

Full instructions on how to submit a proposal, together with details of the refereeing process and criteria for selection, can be downloaded in this pdf or found via the menu on the right.