Entrance hall of the ICMSFacilities at ICMS

ICMS has its administrative base to 15 South College Street. This converted former church is close to the other university buildings in the centre of Edinburgh, not far from the Royal Mile and Waverley Station. (Location map from GoogleMaps.)  The floors are labelled Levels 1 to 4 from the ground up. The ICMS reception desk is at the front of level 3. ICMS staff offices are located on the west side of Level 4, our lecture theatre occupies the centre of Level 4 and the flexible catering and meeting spaces are on Level 1.

We share the building with two groups from The University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics (who use Level 2 and most of Level 3) and also with the Maxwell Institute Graduate School in Analysis and its Applications (MIGSAA), who have offices on the east of Level 4 and their own classroom on Level 1.

ICMS' flexible workshop facilities include:

  • Newhaven Lecture Theatre - a tiered Lecture Theatre, capacity for 98, with 2 large blackboards (3m x 1.2m), video conferencing equipment and the full range of audio visual facilities.
  • Reception - a large open office desk for registering visitors, public access computers and a small seating area.
  • The Chapterhouse - the main catering area. It is also available for break-out sessions and as an additional meeting space.
  • Seminar room - with flexible seating, blackboards and AV facilities.

Blackboards and wireless internet are available throughout the building.

This building has ramped access and a lift to all floors.

Important information for speakers

You may give your presentation from our lecture theatre computer via a USB data stick or you may attach your own laptop to the lecture theatre facilities.  If you choose to bring your own laptop you should note the following important information.

The ICMS data projector is a high definition widescreen device. Although the screen on your laptop may not necessarily be high definition and/or widescreen, the graphics card within your laptop will more than likely be capable of driving a widescreen external display thus when you connect your laptop to our projector, it will display the output in widescreen. This means that mathematical shapes (e.g. a circle) that display correctly on your laptop (in non-widescreen format) may appear mishapen on the projection screen because it is displaying the output in widescreen.
You may wish to experiment by connecting your laptop to a widescreen display (projector or monitor) before you arrive in order to check if there are any problems with your presentation.

Inside 15 South College Street

This cross section of the building shows the location of different facilities on different levels and how they relate to the original architecture.



Level 4
Newhaven lecture theatre
ICMS offices, MIGSAA offices.

Level 3
ICMS reception desk, toilet. Informatics - No access to rear
of this floor for ICMS visitors

Level 2
Informatics - No access to this
floor for ICMS visitors

Level 1 - Chapterhouse
Entrance, stairs & lift.
ICMS flexible catering, seminar room & toilets
MISGAA classroom

15 South College Street cross section


Other venues

ICMS will work with organisers to choose an appropriate venue for activities taking into consideration the size and requirements of activities. As well as 15 South College Street, ICMS also uses the following venues in Edinburgh:

  • Royal Society of Edinburgh;
  • Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh;
  • Appleton Tower, University of Edinburgh;
  • David Hume Tower, University of Edinburgh;
  • South Hall, Pollock Halls, University of Edinburgh;
  • Edinburgh Conference Centre, Heriot-Watt University.