Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Section A (Mathematics)

ICMS manages Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Section A on behalf of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, from submission to acceptance. Online and print publication are handled by Cambridge University Press.

Notes for authors on submitting a paper

Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Section A considers for publication papers in all areas of mathematics. Please note that this journal does not consider simultaneous submissions from the same author. If an author already has a paper under consideration then any further papers from that author (individually or as a co-author) will be returned unrefereed until the Editors have reached a decision regarding the first paper.

  • Authors will be asked to state the primary AMS 2010 Classification Number and between three and six keywords. Secondary classifications are optional.
  • Authors should nominate the most appropriate Editor for their paper. 
  • It is assumed that the author uploading the paper will be responsible for correspondence. A paper by more than one author should be approved in its entirety by the joint authors. An acknowledgement e-mail will be sent to all authors when the paper is added to the journal database. This will cite a reference number which will be used in all future correspondence regarding the paper.
  • Proceedings A has a page limit of 25pp but may consider papers up to five pages longer to allow for variation in final typeset length. Authors must prepare their papers as concisely as possible. Longer papers can be difficult to review in a reasonable time and can be judged more harshly.
  • Each paper must be accompanied by an abstract, in general not exceeding 200 words, which will be printed.
  • References should be listed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order, numbered sequentially. References within the text should be indicated by numbers in square brackets.
  • Authors are encouraged to use TeX typesetting software to prepare their papers. Please refer to the resources below for our class file and macro package.

To submit your paper please visit our online manuscript managment system and follow the instructions for uploading.
Once a paper has been accepted for publication, authors will be asked to supply the appropriate file. This should be a single file, with any relevant macros included in the preamble, and named after the article reference number (e.g. 150421-authorname.tex). Figures should be submitted as eps or pdf files at the same time as the code for the paper. Detailed instructions will be given on acceptance.

Proofs and offprints

Authors will be sent a galley proof of their paper by email in pdf format for checking. Offprints have been replaced by a pdf file of the final version of the paper, sent to the corresponding author shortly after print publication.


On acceptance of their paper, authors are asked to assign the copyright of their paper to the Royal Society of Edinburgh. They are also asked to ensure that any electronic versions of their paper clearly state the official place of publication.
Except as otherwise permitted under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988, papers published in Proceedings A may only be reproduced, stored or transmitted with the prior permission of the copyright holder, or, in the case of reprographic reproduction, in accordance with the terms of a licence issued by the Copyright Licensing Agency. The Society permits the making of a single photocopy of an article from an issue (under Sections 29 & 38 of the Act) for an individual for the purposes of research or private study.

Copyright transfer forms for download after acceptance

Both types of open access copyright transfer are offered: Full (paid) Open Access (also known as Gold Open Access) and Standard (free) Open Access (also known as Green Open Access). You can download the appropriate one from the journal's pages Cambridge University Press site.

Subscription details

The journal is published every two months by the RSE Scotland Foundation (EISSN: 1473-7124). Subscription fulfilment, distribution and marketing are handled by Cambridge University Press, with whom orders should be placed:
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Board of Editors

B. PELLONI (Editor in Chief)
Heriot Watt University
PDEs, boundary value problems and integrable systems

University of Glasgow 
Number theory; representation theory

University of Edinburgh
Algebraic geometry

University of Glasgow
Geometric and combinatorial group theory; low-dimensional topology

University of Dundee 
Quantitative (systems) biology; applied analysis

University of Manchester
Measure and integration. Dynamical systems and ergodic theory

University of Aberdeen 
Algebraic and differential topology and their applications

University of Swansea
Nonlinear partial differential equations

University of Warwick
Ordinary and partial differential equations

University of St Andrews
Group theory, computational algebra

University of Reading
Mathematical biology, medicine and pharmacology

University of Edinburgh 
Fluid dynamics; waves and instabilities; mixing

University Leeds
Stochastic analysis

University of Glasgow
Operator algebras and functional analysis

University of Surrey
Dynamical systems and PDEs - theory and applications