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ICMS manages this journal on behalf of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society. Email enquiries should be addressed to pems@icms.org.uk

The journal is published online and in print by Cambridge University Press (CUP). Use this link to find it on the CUP website.

For more information on the journal and on the Society's other activities visit the Edinburgh Mathematical Society website.

Submitting a paper

Full Instructions for Contributors can also be found on the CUP website.

Papers can be submitted electronically as attachments to email messages addressed to pems@icms.org.uk. Alternatively papers may be submitted by post to:

Proceedings of Edinburgh Mathematical Society (PEMS) Editorial Office
International Centre for Mathematical Sciences
15 South College Street
Edinburgh, EH8 9AA

Each manuscript should include a short abstract of no more than 200 words, between three and six keywords, and a primary classification number from the AMS 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification Scheme.

Authors should include in their covering note a suggestion of an appropriate Subject Editor from the list of Board Members on the CUP website.


Class File
Our typesetter has produced this LaTeX class file to assist in production of papers in house style. If you wish to download it follow this link. Use of this file is not complusory. If you have difficulty in using it please submit the pdf of your paper using a class file with which you are comfortable.

Referee's Report Form
Referees should receive this form in the covering email with the paper. It is provided here as an additional convenience.
Plain Text file