Study Group on Mathematics in Energy Systems

Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Network and ICMS are running a 3-day Study Group on Mathematics in Energy Systems. This will be held 5-7 December 2018 at ICMS, Edinburgh

This three day session will be an intense problem solving activity with some of Britain’s best mathematical scientists tackling some of the hardest problems in the energy systems industry. We would want to attract problems across the energy systems piece - from storage, network supply, integration etc.

This will be the second Study Group on Energy Systems, the first was held in early 2018 at the University of Sussex and addressed problems in electric vehicle battery degradation, determining real time power systems inertia in the grid and issuing efficient instructions for national grid management.

The Problems: We are finalising the details of each problems to be addressed at this meeting. We expect 3-4 problems from large and small organisations ranging from marine traffic optimisation, power generation including renewable, energy systems engineering and energy efficiency requiring the best minds in control, fluid dynamics, operational research and others. We will post the details of each of the different problems/challenges as they are finalised.

Challenge One: A Curious Fluid Resonance in a Sloped Channel on a Wave Energy Converter
Company: Mocean Energy
Presenter: Cameron McNatt
Description: Mocean Energy is an Edinburgh-based company developing a wave energy converter (WEC), which converters energy in ocean waves into electricity. The dynamics of the system is complex, including multiple, coupled degrees-of-freedom and frequency-dependent forces. We believe that the optimisation has stumbled upon a phenomenon caused by the wave channels that creates a wave resonance, which may (or may not) be trapped mode. We would like a linear mathematical model that is relevant to our conditions.

Challenge Two: A Marine Propulsion Control System Holy Grail or Maths?
Company: DuoDrive Ltd.
Presenter: John Carter
Description: TBC



Why take part in the Study Group?


Get new problems
Expand research portfolio
Vital contact with industry
Meeting academics from different fields


Get new solutions
Access to highly qualifies individuals
Written report


Accommodation:  There is funding to cover accommodation for a number of participants.  Please complete the relevant section of the registration form if you wish to apply for funded accommodation

Travel:  It is anticipated participants will cover their own travel costs.  However, if this is a barrier to your participation please contact Dawn Wasley (

Registration Fee:  The registration fee for this event is £35.  You will be send instructions regarding payment of this fee post completion of the registration form.

The registration form is available here

Please note, this registration indicates your interest to attend, it is not a guarantee a place will be available for you. The organisers reserve the right to allocate places best suited to the problems being presented. Please also note, that by using the form above, your information will be shared with the Knowledge Transfer Network. 

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